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The size of the penis is a very sensitive subject for men. If you have a problem with penis size, you're probably wondering how to increase the size of your penis. For women it's about having larger breasts to make them feel really sexy but to men a bigger penis makes them more virile and masculine. Although some women admit that penis size does not matter, people think that these women are lying to protect their partners. Most Women still prefer larger penis and men still think that women like men with bigger penis to fill it and make him feel better during love. Men think that they lack something important if they have no penis, big and thick that they should do something. If you really want to learn how to increase your penis size there are options you can take.

An option to learn how to increase the size of your penis using penis pumps. This works temporarily with reports of increase of about 2 inches in size. Use This method is very uncomfortable, as you put the tube on your genitals and pumped the air out of the tube. It is not recommended for daily use and abuse may lead to swelling or serious injury to your penis. There is also a risk of irregular blood flow in your penis. Of course, if you feel discomfort, you need to seek medical advice.

The second on the list of ways to increase the size of your penis is to take pills for penis enlargement and the use of creams. The problem with these pills and creams is the unknown content and you do not know what are the side effects.

Some are brave enough to go under the knife to enlarge their penis. Surgery is a frightening and costly method of how to increase the size of your penis. The procedure costs at least $ 6,000 and there is the risk of impotence. This is the last option a person could take. With the risks and costs involved you must think of more than 100 times to go through this method.

If you experience stress in your sex life and not happy with the size of your penis, you probably need to take action and find the solution on how to increase the size of your penis. But did you know that there is a safer and natural way to increase your penis size without surgery, pumps, pills or Gadget stupid? Enlarge your penis from one to four inches, quite naturally and safely Visit Natural Penis Enlargement

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