Taking on a Litter of Puppies?

Ok so first a bit of background...

A few years back my cousins found an abandoned dog on the side of the road and picked her up. Of course being in college they couldn't keep her so they gave her to our grandmother. My granny has had her for a while now, but despite warning from my dad she never had her spayed and tonight I found out that the dog is now pregnant. I myself love dogs and well I'm just worried. This dog lives outside 24/7 and is just a sweetheart and as far as I know there is no vet care received. Now this is my grandma and I love her, but I'm torn here because I love dogs and of course I respect reputable breeders who health test etc, but yeah this is the kinda thing that always pisses me off. Irresponsible owners allowing their dogs to get pregnant. And I know she can't handle a litter physically or financially. So these guys will most likely end up leaving the litter and mom way to early or end up in not so great homes and eventually on the streets or worse...

Now my parents know that I've been planning to get a working line australian shepherd from a reputable breeder, but with this happening I'm wondering if maybe there is someway I could take on the litter and find good homes from the pups once their old enough. So I was thinking about asking them if we could go see the litter with the idea of "oh maybe instead I could get a pup from my grandma" and then asking if I could just take on the litter and get them out of the potentially bad situation. Or I may be calling her up and asking her about everything and asking her if she'll let me take the litter and spay mama once she's through weaning the pups.

I mean we're financially stable to take on the litter, but I just don't know. I mean we have two dogs of our own and it may be to much to bring mama and the pups in. I'm just torn. I know these guys need way better care than they will receive and being out from day one outside in this heat and weather were having in GA and AL(their located in AL) they won't do so hot.

I could easily get help from some really good family friends with caring for the litter (I'm going to be contacting one as soon as I find out more and if I can take in the litter) and they'll be glad to help as they are a dog savvy family and all and I know this will be for the best especially ensuring these guys get the homes and lives they deserve(if this were to happen I would screen all potential homes and draw up a contract as far as if the person can no longer keep the pup what they are to do etc).

Plus I also have my breeder/mentor who I could ask for some assistance with the litter and would be willing to answer any Q's I have and help me out.

So what are your thoughts on this?

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