Cholesterol the Real Truth

Author: Gordon Freeman

It's just seems like so much hard work these days to get the bottom of green tea caffeine content. To be fair there are two main reasons why the truth is hard to find, so let me share this you.

Firstly, there are many, many types of green tea out there with varying degrees of caffeine content, depending when and how they were picked and which leaves are used.

After a lot of research into this it appears that green tea caffeine content is about the same as normal tea, which is about half that of coffee. Many people try to say it has much less, but that is simply not true.

The only real way of reducing the green tea caffeine content is to use leaves, so Protandim and discard the first brew, which contains most of the caffeine, read protandim reviews and you should get a further two brews from it. A bit of a complicated preparation, but it's the only method that I have seen to lower the caffeine amount.

Decaff green tea is not recommended because of the process used to remove the caffeine, which alters the taste and leaves chemicals in the tea which cancel out many of the health benefits to be had.

I am sure you realize the benefits of green tea which include helping to protect against cancer and lowering your cholesterol among others.

On the lighter side it can help you lose weight as part of a diet and has been proven to help reverse the signs of aging. Not bad for one little herb!

But the green tea caffeine content problem can be easily overcome by taking it in a combined health supplement. This is the most popular way today, and the green tea extract in the supplement is decaffeinated.

They generally contain the same amount as 4-5 cups of tea per day. That's a lot of green tea to drink!

When green tea is combined with other ingredients like flaxseed oil and turmeric, it has a synergetic effect, which means its health and healing properties are significantly enhanced.

So it is best not to get the benefits of green tea as a stand-alone, but to take it in a product with many ingredients in it that work synergistically with each other.

So what's next? Well I hope you will read further into this issue of green tea caffeine content and perhaps take some of my advice and take steps to protect your health, not only for now, but for the future too.

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